MixingLight.com Goes Dark Thursday, April 6

We’ve been telling you about our Mixing Light v2 ‘re-launch’ for a few months (read about the new features here). This week it happens. And we’re not just ‘re-skinning’ the website, we threw away the old and started from scratch. But the cleanest way for this transition to work is if we ‘freeze’ Mixing Light for a few days.

That freeze happens this Thursday morning, 6 April 2017. At that time MixingLight.com will be replaced by a Countdown page. On Monday morning, we come back live with Mixing Light v2!

What does this mean to you?

  • The Insights Library will be inaccessable from Thrusday until Monday.
  • Stand-alone Course downloads will be inaccessable from Thursday until Monday.
  • Stand-Alone product sales are suspended from today through Monday.
  • All sales for the Insights Color Library will be suspended on Wednesday through Monday.
  • You can still reach us by email (just reply to this Update and you’ll get to our inbox).

On Monday, 10 April 2017 all services will be restored

On Monday you’ll have access to MixingLight.com, just like you do right now.

We are extending everyone’s Membership end date by 7 days - to make up for this ‘black out’.