"Mixing Light, LLC canceled your automatic payments"

If you're a current subscriber to Mixing Light then you have or will receive an email saying we've canceled your automatic payments. Yes, this is true. Here's the really important thing...

Your Automatic Payments have been canceled... not your access to Mixing Light!

Your current access to Mixing Light continues until your current subscription period ends. For instance, if your Quarterly Subscription renewed 4 weeks ago. This means you'll continue having access to MixingLight.com for another 8 weeks.

But when your Monthly / Quarterly / Annual Subscription ends... you won't be re-billed.

To continue your access to MixingLight.com you'll need to re-enter your credit card info.

Why did this happen?

It's part of Mixing Light 2.0. We've ripped out the entire infrastructure of the old website. And we can't migrate your financial information. We don't actually keep your information on our servers. And the encrypted pipeline using the old membership software can't be 'unencrypted' and used for the new membership software. So we have to start from scratch.

What happens next?

MixingLight.com is currently 'dark'. We go live on Monday, April 10 with our brand new experience. If all goes well, you'll be able to clearly see when your subscription runs out. 

Once it runs out, sign up again and you'll be good to go! Also - we're extending your current subscription an extra week, to compensate for this 'dark' period.

One more thing...

We know this billing thing is annoying (and it's a heck of a big risk for us). But we think you'll agree when you see our new experience that it's 100% worth the hassle.

AND... there's a bonus in this for you!

Everyone who has an active subscription as of today...

When you renew you'll be offered our original 2013 Launch Price - FOR LIFE! In 2013 we offered Monthly memberships at $19 / month and Annual memberships at $199 / year.

We are reviving that pricing and price locking you in!

If you don't have an active subscription today...

We'll do a Mixing Light Newsletter-only limited time discount code that gives you our original launch price for the first term of your subscription.

I hope this explains to our active members why their Automatic Payments have been canceled. If you have any questions, use this Support Portal and we'll get back to you!