The Problem: Some members, after resetting their password for the new Mixing Light website, are reporting they can't login. Sometimes, the login window tells them they are logged in but then they don't see the protected videos or articles.

The Explanation: This transition to a completely gutted and rebuilt website is playing games with some people's browsers, as old data saved on your computer is trying to be used on the new website - and then problems like those described above start to happen.

The Solution: To find out if your browser is getting confused, the test is easy:

If you're brought to the Members Dashboard and if you can now see the protected content, the problem is with some particularly persistent files from the old website sticking around in your browser's cache. The fix is to clear the cache of your web browser. You can either completely delete your cache files - or, if you want a challenge, you can find just the Mixing Light data stored in your cache and only delete those.